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ICO International Strategy

By Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner. You only need glance at your mobile phone to see how international data protection is today. Apps developed 5,000 miles away on America’s West Coast, following rules written 400 miles away in Brussels, in the … Continue reading

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GDPR guidance in 2017

By Jo Pedder, Interim Head of Policy Delivery. There’s nothing like a new year to focus the mind on self-improvement. And from a data protection perspective, there’s something about the arrival of 2017 that makes the implementation of GDPR in … Continue reading

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“Would you like us to email you a receipt?”

By Garreth Cameron, Group manager for Business and Industry. On the surface it’s a simple question increasingly being asked by high street retailers. But sometimes this simple question doesn’t tell the full story. An e-receipt can be more convenient at … Continue reading

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Cyber security – what does my organisation need to do? Answers from questions at our webinar

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology. Cyber security is a frontline issue and a boardroom issue, not just a matter for information security experts. If you hold personal data and that data is on a device connected to the … Continue reading

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The what, why and how of transferring data to the USA

By Steve Wood, Interim Deputy Commissioner. It’s more than two years since a then little-known privacy campaigner decided to dispute Facebook’s compliance with EU data protection laws. Max Schrems’ case would travel from Dublin to Luxembourg, and ultimately have ramifications … Continue reading

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Public must act to protect themselves when using Internet of Things devices

By Simon Rice, Group Manager for Technology. Is this creepy website live-streaming YOUR living room? That was the Daily Mail headline in 2014, highlighting a Russian website that was providing links to access internet-connected cameras around the world. The story … Continue reading

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GDPR still relevant for the UK

By Steve Wood, Interim Deputy Commissioner. It’s just a few weeks since we set out what guidance organisations could expect and when around a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that was on track to come into force in the UK … Continue reading

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Nine points EU referendum campaign groups should remember if they don’t want to break the rules

By Judith Jones, Group Manager. With reports suggesting the UK could go to the polls this year for the EU referendum, campaign groups are already starting to mobilise support. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) therefore wants to remind campaigning groups … Continue reading

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Collective leadership at the ICO

By Christopher Graham, Information Commissioner The next few weeks will see some big changes in the leadership of the Information Commissioner’s Office – changes of personnel and changes of approach. I want to take this opportunity to tell our stakeholders … Continue reading

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‘When we talk about offering digital services at the ICO we don’t mean driving customers to the least expensive contact channel’

By Paul Arnold, Head of Customer and Business Services. Providing modern, fit for purpose, public services, in difficult economic times, is a challenge facing all regulators and public sector bodies. Securing value for money from our investment of public funds … Continue reading

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